From a 100% made in Italy style icon to the ultimate innovation for an Eco Friendly style:


Listen the rhythm of nature ...

Vespa Elettrica allows natural driving in the urban habitat in which it moves silently, both in energy-saving Eco mode and in Power mode which uses the engine at its maximum power. It thus offers a smooth driving experience while counteracting noise pollution.

Move free without worries ...

Everything is designed to offer maximum simplicity during driving, charging and maintenance.
In fact, the driver is helped in maneuvers by inserting the Reverse mode (reverse), can recharge the Vespa Elettrica by connecting the cable under the saddle to an electrical wall socket or a city electricity post, and can rely on an engine and reliable lithium-ion batteries.

Faithful to its role as innovator, the Vespa's iconicity takes on a new flexible silver look, offering two versions: one 45 km / h dedicated to urban use and one extended to 70 km / h for lovers of increased performance, both highly customizable in their style.